Rene Byrd

Rene Byrd is the latest R&B/Pop songstress whose vocal talent has invited the attention of associates of the legendary Quincy Jones. Rene has performed at some of the most talked about international venues and on behalf of a European Prime Minister.

Rene comes from a corporate background, which funded and elevated her exciting musical career from boardroom to stage. With her unique voice and engaging live performances, Rene has been creating a social media buzz with an online video that amassed over 100,000 views. Rene’s new single ‘Born Again’ is a heartfelt rendition of the classic song originally performed by Billy Preston and Syreeta.

Rene is passionate about giving back so works as an ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund UK performing and fundraising to create awareness. Rene is also an Influencer and content creator so believes in having a platform for purpose to inspire the next generation.

Rene released her single in the heart of the pandemic, deciding at this delicate time to heal hearts with her music and to use her platform for purpose. Rene created a very successful IG talk show called Who Am I Talk where viewers can enjoy her conversations with experts, brands, public figures and celebrities within Beauty, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Fashion and Luxury.

Rene had conversations with many high-profile celebrities, public figures, and brand experts to name a few; Kimberley Davis the lead singer of Chic Nile Rodgers, Chris Collins US face for Polo Ralph Lauren and now Luxury Fragrance Owner and Patrick Hutchinson the hero who protected a protester at a BLM in event in the UK.

The candid and engaging talk show gives guests the opportunity to talk about who they are, their story and life in the pandemic and beyond. Rene’s social reach exploded in the season to over 1m with her audience keen to hear more from Rene and her guests. A finalist for the Online Influence Awards 2020 and International Women of Empowerment Finalist 2021, Rene is using her music and her platform for purpose to help heal, inspire, and create change.