NEDA SARMAST’S career spans over 30 years in the music and entertainment industry. She has closely worked as personal management, advisor and consultant with the some of the most renowned artists, entertainers and organizations in the world. In 2005, understanding the power of entertainment, and realizing the disconnect between cross-cultural relations between East and West, paved the way for NEDA to start a new path towards her lifelong desire to bring people together.  NEDA’s mission was to emphasize using entertainment as a tool towards cultural diplomacy. 

NEDA’s first step towards her goal resulted in filming and directing an award winning documentary called, NOBODY’S ENEMY (2008) – The Youth Culture Of Iran (co-produced by the award winning production company Chat The Planet). On her first film screening, NEDA attracted the attention of several American university student leaders and organizations sharing her passion towards socio-cultural awareness and diplomacy.  This led to signing with a lecture agent and ultimately speaking and lecturing at universities, conferences, events and notably at the Library of Congress as well as the cultural exchange division of the US State Department, Asia Society, US-Islam World Forum, The Great Library of Alexandria to name a few.

N 2008, NEDA was one of ten people chosen from hundreds of applicants, being recommended to participate in a highly publicized eight week peace expedition (filmed for a documentary) across the Sahara Desert uniting people from East and West. The “Breaking The Ice” journey of a thousand stories and miles included participants from countries who had been effected by the conflicts in the Middle East. They included people from USA, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Israel, Iraq and Iran – with a European and Scandinavian logistics & film crew.

NEDA’s work in music and entertainment also continues with working with the biggest superstars and entertainers from Iran to Turkey, UK, Europe and US.  This includes cross-cultural collaborations bringing artists and notable figures together for worldwide projects, tours and various social media and digital platforms.

In 2022, the next and perhaps the most fulfilling step for NEDA is to bring her years of expertise, experience and multiple entertaining and interesting people together in an interview format delivered via multiple digital platforms and social media.  The topics will cover everything from entertainment to social and cultural conversations as well as latest trends in technology, woman’s empowerment, education and hot topics.  The eye opening and inspirational conversations will be with people from around the world in the fields of entertainment, business, culture, diplomacy and technology -– highlighting their personal stories from their struggles to triumphs.

NEDA SARMAST is an Iranian-American currently residing in Istanbul, Turkey.