Mary Pagano

Born in mid-west US, Ms Pagano graduated with a BS in Finance from Central Missouri State, MBA from Webster University & MIT and pursued her academic and professional experiences in St. Louis, Chicago, New York, and Miami.

In the last 25 years, as a female P & L leader in a male dominated tech industry, Ms Pagano has worked at large Fortune 30 companies, such as Motorola, AT&T, GE and tech starts up in many capacities with a focus of driving and building new businesses and revenue, valued from $100M to $3B. Roles include leading many businesses and organizations, such as; Founding Partner, SVP Global Sales, VP Strategic Marketing, Strategic Alliances/Partnerships, VP Business Development, VP Product Development and Strategy, working with all market segments, such as Education, Large Enterprises, Government, Entertainment, Technology and Consumer segments.

Mary has an uncanny ability to help companies & charities to see their potential vision and achieve it using the best technology or services to surpass their goals in customer acquisition and satisfaction. Technology solutions such as; Intelligent environments, industrial IoT, big data, social media marketing, cloud computing, Smart Buildings, Work Place of the Future, Smart Cities, sustainability, mobility applications, etc.

Mary is an angel investor for female founded companies and is on advisory boards for several tech companies & charities, such as; Hera the light of Women , Fem Foundry , WICCI, and Women Lines Mary is also Founder & CEO of Hera Media Group focusing on all things Hera and the empowerment of humanity and the planet, all around the world. Mary is very enthusiastic about uplifting women in all capacities of living their best life and surpassing their dreams and full potential.