Marianela Mirpuri

After almost 30 years in business, being a successful entrepreneur mainly in the field of aviation, Marianela Mirpuri decides to dedicate her time to philanthropy, in the spirit of giving back to society what society gave to her.

 In 2018 she takes forward her project HERA THE LIGHT OF WOMEN, started in early 2000 as an informal movement for the empowerment of women and the Future of Humanity, and focus in the target of building a City with women leading the Mission- HERA CITY

Her work as the Founder and President of Hera the light of women, is recognized worldwide, and Hera counts with a powerful team of Ambassadors and Advisors in all Continents, working for the education of women and for a better Future for Humanity.

She is the President in Portugal of Wicci and now invited as Advisor to the President’s Council of G100.

In 2022, she was awarded Doctor of Philosophy “Honoris Causa” by Rai University in India.

She is a Civil Diplomat by Jethro International.

She is also an Advisor to the Mirpuri Foundation, her family foundation and leads the “Game Changer” project The Good Bottle, with the aim to replace the plastic around the world for a biodegradable/compostable solution.

Marianela Mirpuri is invited regularly as speaker in international conferences globally.