Marianela Mirpuri

Marianela Mirpuri was born in Angola and has  portuguese nationality. She lived in both Africa and Europe.

She made her studies in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Companies and others managed by Marianela Mirpuri :

1990’s –  Luxor C&P (International Congresses and Events)

2000’s – UAT – United Air Taxis  ( co-founder)

Air Luxor (Vice President Marketing and Sales)

Netjets Europe (co- founder)

Masterjet (founder and CEO)

Jetlink (founder and President)

Luxor Home Label – Label of quality (Founder)

Hera Association – Education for a Better world (Founder and President)

Observatory for the Future of Humanity  (Founder and President)

International Women Club (President for Portugal) )

WICCI –  Women India Chamber of Commerce and Industry (President for Portugal)

Manifesto Moda and Green Wave (partner and international consultant)

With a vast network of contacts worldwide, Marianela Mirpuri has been throughout the years a consultant for big groups  between Portugal and India and Portugal and Africa.

Besides being the President in Portugal for Wicci, she was awarded the Medal of the City of Mumbai for the good services of HERA project in India.

She is a member of the Indian International Intelectual society.

She has  been awarded in Women Economic Forum 2020 as Leader of the Decade.

After almost 30 years in  business  she decides to dedicate her time to philanthropy, in the spirit of giving back to society what society gave to her.

And she decides to take forward her project HERA, started in early 2000 and focus in the target of building a city for the Future of Humanity and with women leading the mission, HERA CITY.

Marianela Mirpuri is also Advisor for the Mirpuri Foundation , her family Foundation working for a better world, and leads the project Good Bottle.

Good Bottle is 100% biodegradable and intends to be the option for the actual plastic bottle that damages so much the planet and the health.

Marianela Mirpuri is often invited as speaker in international conferences all over the world.