Laurie Meadoff

“People say that a true mark of a brilliant person is her ability to make connections. If that’s true then Laurie is a modern-day Einstein.”

Geraldine Laybourne, Founder Nickelodeon

Laurie Meadoff is a multi-award winning and 3 times Emmy nominated Executive Producer who has worked globally, innovating and connecting brands and media from around the world. She has produced for MTV, VHI, ABC, Sundance Channel and National Geographic. 

After receiving a Rockefeller Fellowship for Next Generation Leadership, she co-created the innovative television series, Chat the Planet, linking young people around the globe. ‘Chat the Planet’ programming reached over 350 million viewers as well as creating the critically acclaimed and multi award winning web series “Hometown Baghdad”. As part of the Brookings Institute on Cultural Diplomacy, she worked with global dignitaries on the use of the arts and media to build bridges between people and she has spoken at events from US to Hong Kong to Bangalore. 

Laurie has always had her pulse on youth culture. She created Authentik Inc, an innovation firm working with top brands and prominent C-suite clients, helping them stay culturally and socially relevant for the next generation. Laurie gathered a team of world-class producers, change agents and millennials to revolutionize meaning, message and impact. 

With commitment to the climate emergency, Laurie is a consultant with Our Planet Our Future, an organization birthed from the historic Faith Leaders calling for global climate actions. With the indigenous Guna people of Panama region, and Geoversity, she produced a 45 ft Mola Sail that took focus at COP26 in Glasgow. 

Laurie is most well-known for founding The CityKids Foundation in 1985 and through her innovative youth work, she has worked with well-known personalities such as Goldie Hawn, Demi Moore, Michael Bolton, Robert De Niro, Herbie Hancock, Keith Haring and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Currently she activating Keith Haring’s ‘CityKids Speak on Liberty’, a 90ft x 30ft iconic artwork alongside Deepak Chopra’s 

Her work has been covered by NPR, CNN, The Oprah Show, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The TODAY Show, Good Morning America among others. 

Laurie has garnered an international reputation as an ardent advocate, an innovative leader, and an agent for social change.