a new era


Hera City is a physical smart green city, for the future of humanity and in honour of women around the world. Hera city will bring all genders, nationalities, and religions together. In addition, Hera City will bring together students, families, leaders, scientists, innovators and artists. Hera City will be a space for symposiums, conferences, tourism, leisure, business and living.

“Hera is the most formidable project of the 21st century and will be a cultural leap, born from love for Humanity, world peace and the dignity of women worldwide.

In a world where exclusion is generally practiced, Hera is a refreshing change to positivity and shows the way to inclusive endeavors and behaviors.”

Marianela Mirpuri

Founder and President


The Sphere, symbol representing the world and its evolution, spirituality, womanhood, enshrined in a case of petals that open one by one to the world, according to a succession of circles, representing the finite and infinite whole, unity and the multiple, the full and the perfection like the “Creator of the Universe“.

Architecture by Gil Bakhtiar




The cylinder, which represents the initiatory journey of the trainee, creates the link between the five buildings, symbolizing the five continents, the five senses, the five elements. A university campus that aims to receive trainees from all over the world through a scholarship that allows them to be hosted and follow the university curriculum they have been able to access after the required selection criteria. University or training exchanges are also part of this pole.

Architecture by Gil Bakhtiar


The square, symbolizing the collective unconsciousness, matter and space, is expanding in a connected world.

A museum intended to display works for permanent and temporary collections in all areas of creation, non-restrictive yet directly or indirectly linked with the work of women, with the primary objective of supporting women’s community associations integrating social responsibility.

A challenge is launched to international designers in all fields who will be invited to create unique pieces, combining creativity and social responsibility. These works of art will be part of the Hera collection, presented at the museum.

Architecture by Gil Bakhtiar



An initial Master Plan for the city has been designed to include hotel, villas, shops, restaurants, sports zone, clinic and spa, conference centre, etc. This real estate project can be adapted to any region and purpose, as long as the core of the city is respected.