My name is Fidele. I am a refugee and my passion in life is to share powerful stories, human stories.

Fidele Wabenga founder of Season of the TIME Media Productions-STMPs a community nonprofit organization based in Kakuma refugee camp in rural Kenya.

In kakuma Refugees Communities in Kenya , these communities, we find many cultures, characters and specifically many youths of different status who are supposed to be the future responsible leaders of such communities.

We had seen a gaps that need to be filled, and this can be done through educating them on life skills activities, responding to their right for education and engaging them in useful activities. As Season of the time media productions, we were touched with that bad life they are living in and come up with this proposal as multi-domain proposal, it will help these youths to leave their bad life and begin the new life and become the future leader’s role models in their respective communities. All these concern can be done through giving them some basic training in computer literacy skills, Gender equality and mentorship program. As season of the time media production which has been existing since 2013 has been addressing these issues but, not effectively due to lack of enough funds. Once we get enough funds from our members’ contribution.

"We believe access to education and is a fundamental human right, yet 80 million refugees do not have these rights. Over the last three years, we have reskilled and employed over 250 refugees from UNHCR Refugee Camps. Our vision is to reskill and employ 1 million refugees in 1 marketable skill over the next ten years."

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Bring innovative and media marketing skills to these young people


Create strong foundation for filmmaking career in future to our candidates

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